Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile Goneaway suppression?

Mobile goneaway suppression (sometimes called mobile goneaway screening) flags the data points in your data list that are no longer accurate, identifying when a mobile number has been quarantined by a mobile network operator, ready to be re-allocated to a different person.

Why should I check my data against this Mobile Goneaway file?

It is important to ensure that your data is as accurate as possible for both compliance and financial reasons. An individual may have opted in to receive marketing material from a particular industry but if they have discarded their number and it’s be reallocated to another individual, marketing to that person would be a major compliance breach. In addition to this you would be wasting a lot of time and money on marketing to someone who potentially has no interest in your services whatsoever.

How often should I check my data against Liquid11’s Goneaway file?

Theoretically, you will only need to check your database against our Mobile Goneaway file just once. However, in order to keep your data as accurate as possible going forward you will need to clean your database at least every 5 months (please take a look at for more information around this). This is because the minimum amount of time a number is quarantined for after it’s been discarded is 6 months. Every number that is found dead should be removed from your database before it is reallocated to another individual.

Can Liquid11 provide an alternative live number for any records that are reported back as a goneaway?

In many cases, yes. Liquid11 hold a database of around 12 million live records so where we find a Mobile Goneaway we can look to see if we can append an alternative for you. Please let us know if you would like these flagged on your file.

How large is Liquid11’s Mobile Goneaway file?

Liquid11 have a file of circa 11 million Mobile Goneaway records and this continues to grow daily.